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Solutions 4 Delivery offers full-service, cloud-based POS software solutions for franchise food delivery companies.

Step into your digital future with Solutions 4 Delivery


Specifically matched to your company’s needs and its customer satisfaction.


Optimized sales


Accessible, Anytime, Anyplace


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POS system

Our point-of-sale system is web-based and specifically built for restaurants that want to efficiently deliver high quality food to their customers. An automated system that focuses on speed-of-service and helps optimizing delivery performance.
Accessible anytime, anyplace.

  • Franchise focused
  • Built by experts
  • Web based
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We develop a tailor-made website for you to help increase sales and enhance customer experience. Optimizing traffic generation, followed up by the easiest order process possible.
The perfect combination for you and your customers.

  • Optimize Sales
  • Customer engagement
  • Optimal Design
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In order for you to optimize customer engagement, it is of utter importance to offer mobile application services. We provide you with a customized state-of-the-art designed app that enables customer interaction.

  • Optimize user experience
  • Ease of ordering
  • Customer loyalty
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Take advantage of the limitless opportunities

The digital world has created an unlimited amount of opportunities. Let us show you how our complete digital solutions can make you act upon them. Delivering customers the best possible experience.

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Why do you need us?

We help you deliver

The global food market moves towards delivery. Our system is built by people with the experience of delivering the best fresh products. We think Delivery, we are Delivery.

Focused on international chains

We understand the complexities and challenges for international franchise chains. Striving for a uniform franchise chain, while enhancing corporate entrepreneurship. The perfect combination between control and freedom.

Built by Experts

Our products are built by and with experts. By understanding our customers’ goals, we have created the optimal tools to optimize your business performance and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Innovations

With our complete package of digital solutions, we constantly seek to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities the digital world offers.

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