New York Pizza

We help one of the biggest Pizza players in Europe to optimally deliver the best product to their customers. Due to our easy-to-use and easy-to-implement software, this franchise chain was up and running within no-time.

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Philippe Vorst | CEO - New York Pizza


S4D has given us the opportunity to become more flexible in an increasingly dynamic market. Together with S4D, I feel we are strategically and operationally ready for the future and all its great challenges and opportunities to come.

Philippe Vorst | CEO - New York Pizza
Jordy Kluts | Franchisee - New York Pizza

Our product quality has increased

Since we have started using S4D our product quality has increased, our waste has reduced, my employees are up-to-speed far earlier and we deliver our customers better and better. Each practical issue has been taken into account, they understand what we need.

jordy kluts   | Franchisee - New York Pizza
Jiven van Schoonderveld - New York Pizza

Intuitively it really is perfect

I was stunned by the ease-of-use of S4D. Intuitively it really is perfect. I was put behind the screen and took in orders within no-time. The order process is dynamic and takes into account the customer is king. With the academy, I feel enforced to perform each and every action if needed!

jiven van Schoonderveld | Store Manager - New York Pizza

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