We help one of the biggest Pizza players in Europe
Case: APACHE Pizza

We help one of the biggest Pizza players in Europe

We help one of the biggest Pizza players in Europe to optimally deliver the best products to their customers. Due to our easy-to-use and easy-to-implement software, this franchise chain was up and running within no-time.

Apache Pizza is the largest pizza chain in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It all started in 1996 in Dublin, Ireland. Apache Pizza wanted a strong name that would reflect the fact that their pizzas have an original American style, as opposed to the original Italian style pizzas which have a different dough base. Apache Pizza was thus named in the spirit of admiration and respect for the indigenous peoples of North and South America, called the Apache tribe. 

Currently, Apache Pizza has over 160 stores all over Ireland and Northern Ireland! 

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The Challenge

Apache knew its POS was slowing down its operations and damaging the overall customer satisfaction. They knew that they had to innovate and move to an online-based system to create a competitive advantage in the market. They realized the importance of completely integrating IT into every aspect of their operation.

Apache started doing research to find a new suitable digital partner for the future.  When their old POS partner found out that they were going to lose a customer, Apache Pizza found themselves in a very difficult situation. Their old POS partner was threatening to shut down all systems unless a large sum was paid, it came down to legal actions and a subsequent two weeks before being shut down. This is where the Solutions 4 Delivery team came into action, realizing a full nationwide implementation in these two weeks.

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Upon hearing this news we were obviously baffled and asked ourselves the following question:

How could we change the usual integration process from 3 months to a mere 14 days?

The S4D team loves challenges and so we directly flew to Ireland to work on the implementation near full time for two weeks straight. We provided online training sessions, according to the train-the-trainer principle.  We installed our system via remotely for every location. Not ideal, however the urgency requested a swift approach. 

The ultimate goal of nationwide implementation was thus achieved. Months later into the process we can say that we created a strong partnership with a strong brand in Ireland. 

Apache Pizza is creating online dominance and delivery excellence with Solutions 4 Delivery

“We entered into a partnership with S4D in difficult times, since then we have been able to increasingly improve our digital environments and reach significant results, I am looking forward to the future.”

jordan PENDLETON CTO - Apache Pizza

Since we have started using S4D our product quality has increased, our waste has reduced, my employees are up-to-speed far earlier. Each practical issue has been taken into account, they understand what we need.

Franchisee Apache Pizza

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