Trenta Pizza is creating delivery excellence and online dominance with Solutions 4 Delivery.
Case: TRENTA Pizza

Trenta Pizza is creating delivery excellence and online dominance with Solutions 4 Delivery

Solutions 4 Delivery enables one of the most iconic pizza chains of Romania to pursue country-wide growth. Due to the strong partnership we have created and our effective online ordering platform, Trenta Pizza has been able to create online dominance. Adding a new dimension to the already strong brand.

Trenta Pizza operates 15 locations in Romania, most of them located in or around the capital Bucharest. They are known throughout Bucharest for their original Italian style pizzas. When you enter a Trenta Pizza store, you immediately feel like entering a small Italian pizzeria and this is exactly how they want you to feel. The extreme focus on detail is astonishing and this creates real connections with their customers. Trenta Pizza is delivery focussed, together with Solutions 4 Delivery they were able to completely optimize and improve their delivery operation!


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The Challenge - Many local and unique requirements! 

We met the Trenta Pizza team in Las Vegas at the International Pizza Expo. At that point in time, Trenta was using a self-developed POS solution. In the early days of Trenta Pizza, this system was acceptable, however as the chain expanded more problems arose. The ambition to quickly grow throughout Romania and deliver their delicious pizzas to many more people nation-wide, was slowed by the POS solution. In order to enable country-wide growth, Trenta Pizza had to create a strong digital foundation that allowed a faster growth pace. Trenta Pizza needed to increase its data collection and create strong business intelligence. As with all QSR businesses, it has become increasingly important to completely integrate IT into every aspect of its operation.  

Upon meeting the Trenta Pizza team and hearing about their current issues as well as ambitions, it immediately felt that the S4D team would be able to facilitate a strong digital foundation that would enable Trenta pizza to grow further. We quickly moved from there and visited Trenta Pizza in Bucharest after which we started a strong partnership.

When working with a new partner in a new country, certain challenges come up. With Trenta Pizza, the biggest challenge was the huge number of local requirements such as very strict fiscal requirements. Fiscal requirements require thorough investigation, third party audits, and extensive development and testing by our country packages team. A challenge we were able to cope with together with the local supplier.

Trenta Pizza

Solution - The S4D partner mentality

In our many visits to Romania, we became close partners and created a great understanding of their problems and needs as well as the Romanian QSR industry. We started working together in order to correctly understand all local requirements. Due to the great effort from our development team as well as our country packages team we were able to meet all local requirements.

The first step was the integration of the POS environment as well as employee training, after which we launched the Trenta Pizza website which allowed for online ordering. Up until this point, all orders were processed by a local call center. With the S4D website, we were able to direct 36.6% of all orders to the online platform within three months. Severely lowering the employee costs at the call center as well as increasing the AOV throughout. The results in AOV in comparison to the call center are spectacular, due to smart and personalized up- and cross-sell the AOV rose by 4.7%. We were also able to improve the in-store operation, our fast order intake module reduced the order intake time by 12%. 

One year after the roll-out, we are proud of our Romanian partner and look forward to see Trenta Pizza grow and excel throughout Romania and the Balkans.   

Our mission
Building smart and innovative technology that helps franchise owners efficiently grow their business.

S4D has given us the opportunity to become more flexible in an increasingly dynamic market. Together with S4D, I feel we are strategically and operationally ready for the future and all its great challenges and opportunities to come.

Philippe Vorst CEO - New York Pizza

Since we have started using S4D our product quality has increased, our waste has reduced, my employees are up-to-speed far earlier and we deliver our customers better and better. Each practical issue has been taken into account, they understand what we need.

Jordy Kluts Franchisee - New York Pizza

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