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chief operating officer


Stefan de Jong

As of January 1st, Stefan de Jong has joined our S4D team as the Chief Operating Officer. After gaining a lot of experience and knowledge in the field for the last 15 years, Stefan will help accelerate the rapid S4D growth. We are very happy to have him join our team and are confident that he will contribute to our goal of continuously delivering the best solutions to our customers that make their life easier. Read about Stefan here.  

Why did you choose to join S4D? 

This great opportunity fortuitously crossed my path - around this time last year, I was introduced through a mutual connection to Ben, our CEO. Although COVID had just started to make its impact and the role wasn't fully rounded out, I left our meeting feeling really excited. 

From the outset, it was clear the S4D is an ambitious company with tremendous growth over the last year - both in employee headcount, but most importantly, customers who are excited to use our solution! I could see that the software which is being shaped to state-of-the-art will further increase time-to-market as a clear USP. 

These factors, in combination with the booming industry, triggered me to continue to pursue the opportunity and jump onboard. During summer, we picked up the conversation again, and now here I am! 

What is your main goal to achieve within s4D?

My main goal is to have the happiest customers on earth. I have dealt in the B2B space throughout my career, and have developed a deep foundation of what to do to keep customers happy. 

When I started in January, I was impressed by the maturity of the company's service organization. However, there is always room for improvement. I am thrilled to be part of the continuous journey to operational excellence, market growth, and keeping our customers excited! 

what will be the biggest challenge?

Our current challenge is to continue delivering to momentum and the huge demand for our services. As a result, we will further optimize the onboarding process to speed up the scaling plans. 

With the upcoming launches outside of Europe, we will need to optimize our customer success organization to have "follow the sun" availability - high-level 24/7 support. 

Lastly, I want to continue promoting our services as a partner instead of a supplier. We have amazing customer cases that we will continue to improve and monitor. 

The opportunities of S4D and our customers are huge - I'm eager to grab them with our team and partners together.