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Huge IT Team joining S4D in KATOWICE

We are proud to announce that we officially registered our Polish branch this month. Our Research & Development office in Katowice, Poland has opened its doors. In the last few months, we have worked hard to recruit a big multi-disciplinary team of experienced developers. It is a great honor to have such experienced and highly qualified developers joining our journey in creating the best delivery software. They provide us with the desired development capacity and coding qualities to ramp up our international growth ambitions.

Improved 'Don't Forget Notification'
With our renewed and improved 'don't forget notification' we aim to minimize human errors and help drivers as much as possible. Aside from special products that are easily forgotten, we also mention payment methods and special delivery instructions by the customers. With this simple tool, we have been able to reduce incomplete orders by 65% as well as improve customer satisfaction by 11%!

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