POS system

Dashboard Registry Dispatching

Our point-of-sale system is web-based and specifically built for restaurants that want to efficiently deliver high quality food to their customers. A transparent and automated system that focuses on speed-of-service and helps optimizing delivery management software. Accessible anytime, anyplace.


Hardware independent

We have created a POS-system that is able to run on each and every device. Enabling you to keep working in your current hardware configuration, minimizing costs and integration time.


Delivery Focused

The hardest part about running your organization is constantly delivering the best possible product on-demand. Our smart delivery management software combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize performance.


Built by experts

Our products are built by and with experts. Understanding where to add value and what complexities to overcome. Focusing on the ultimate goal: the perfect product for your customers.


Easy to use

In order for the whole chain to easily work with the system, we have continuously focused on its ease-of-use. Intuitively designed, built to increase efficiency.



Built upon a central Application Programming Interface, our POS system takes advantage of the opportunities the worldwide cloud provides. Enabling easy updates and continuous innovating, while optimizing connectivity among your channels.


Data driven

We help you thrive by providing you with the most reliable and workable data. Focusing on kitchen efficiency, decision-making accuracy and franchise-wide customer motivation.



Order prioritization

The makescreen prioritizes orders and items based upon an automated calculation that aims to optimize overall order quality. Showing the first-to-make item on top of your task list.

Order fulfilment

We integrated a specific notification in the dispatcher that helps ensuring each and every order is delivered in-full. Preventing dissatisfied customers and unnecessary compensation costs.

Live Mapping

Integrating Google Maps, our system helps you track all your orders and drivers and gain overview in your current delivery statuses. Enabling you to provide customers with accurate data of their food order. 

Performance dashboard

Working towards a common goal, motivates teams. By showing live performance data within the store and the whole franchise, we help motivate your team and create healthy competition among the chain.


Our Order Intaker creates the opportunity to integrate upselling functionalities to help increase order value and offer better and more personalized deals to customers.


Your workforce is becoming more dynamic and flexible. To help you cope with that complexity, we integrated the academy, to get your future employees up-to-speed within no-time.

Our POS system is available for all devices

Our system is available for all devices

The complete solution

POS system

A web-based point-of-sale system specifically built for delivering optimal products to your customers.

Franchise focused
Built by experts
Web based

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Online Ordering

A specialized QSR e-commerce platform to help increase sales, continuously optimize conversion and enhance customer experience.

Optimize sales
Customer engagement
Optimal design

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MObile Apps

A state-of-the-art app that optimizes customer interaction and customer lifetime value! 

Optimize user experience
Ease of ordering
Customer loyalty

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