Our mission

Building smart and innovative technology that helps franchise owners efficiently grow their business.

One of the greatest challenges of companies is combining collective knowledge for the greater good: customer satisfaction. Connectivity is all the more relevant for franchise companies, because there’s a great amount of people, processes and systems in place.

We believe that a sum can only be greater than its parts when all sales points are connected, production processes are optimized and data is carefully collected and analyzed.

Solutions 4 Delivery offers full-service, cloud-based POS software solutions for franchise food delivery companies. Specifically matched to your company’s needs and its customer satisfaction.

Selling great products and seeking to optimize delivery to best-satisfy our customers, we saw many great opportunities. What we needed, was a complete digital package to take advantage of those opportunities. We couldn’t find any partner that could help us in that sense. So why not solve this problem ourselves?

Since we know your issues and have experienced it first-hand, we have come up with the optimal solutions to optimize product quality and delivery, and as such enhance business performance and in the end: customer satisfaction. Because in the end, we do it all for them.

In order to take advantage of the limitless opportunities the digital world offers,
we found the perfect combination of 3 elements:

POS system

Franchise focused
Built by experts
Web based

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Online Ordering

Optimize sales
Customer engagement
Optimal design

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MObile Apps

Optimize user experience
Ease of ordering
Customer loyalty

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All upon a central API

A combination, to create the perfect symphony of optimal solutions, connected to each other.
No bottlenecks, no strategic weaknesses: only the best.

The customer’s wishes have become increasingly important and comfort is key. What’s more comfortable than getting your food delivered at the exact place of your demand?

That’s a start. But more importantly you as the provider need to deliver the best product possible, because competition is around the corner. That challenge, is what we are all about. Helping you deliver the best possible product, in order for your customers to comfortably enjoy their moments of happiness and wanting to come back to you over and over again.

Board of advisors

David Beentjes

David Beentjes

CEO – LevelUp Group

Being a graduate of the Technical University of Twente, David combines his technical background with extensive Digital Marketing expertise as the CEO of ClickValue. ClickValue is one of Europe’s best Digital Marketing companies and has more than 10 years of experience in the pizza industry, helping New York Pizza to become one of the most prominent online pizza companies and creating award-winning digital strategies with Euro Pizza Products.

Philippe Vorst

Philippe Vorst

CEO – New York Pizza & Founder - Euro Pizza Products

With more than 25 years as the founder and CEO of New York Pizza and Euro Pizza Products, Philippe is one of the most experienced pizza experts. Leading a company with more than 200 stores in the Netherlands and daily producing more than 20.000 kg of pizza dough, Philippe is both a franchise-guru as well as a start-up accelerator. Being a delivery company for 25 years, New York Pizza knows what challenges online delivery brings along. Philippe graduated in Business from the University of Amsterdam and has since been working in the food franchise industry.

Maarten Alleman

Maarten Alleman

CEO – Perseuss & Founder – about:blank

Maarten is the founder of the IT-development company about:blank and CEO of global data company Perseuss. Maarten helped creating the digital infrastructure of New York Pizza since over 5 years and has led the development team of S4D. Maarten is a tech-savvy entrepreneur and participates as an investor and board member in various online start-ups.

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