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Why us?

With the extensive amount of available POS systems nowadays, we can imagine you would like to know why to choose for our system.
Let us help you with that.

We help you deliver

The global food market moves towards delivery. Our system is built by people with the experience of delivering the best fresh products. We think Delivery, we are Delivery.

Focused on international chains

We understand the complexities and challenges for international franchise chains. Striving for a uniform franchise chain, while enhancing corporate entrepreneurship. The perfect combination between control and freedom.

Built by Experts

Our products are built by and with experts. By understanding our customers’ goals, we have created the optimal tools to optimize your business performance and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Innovations

With our complete package of digital solutions, we constantly seek to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities the digital world offers. We release new features each two weeks! 

Powered by Data

We help you thrive by providing smart and strategic data to make the best possible decisions and motivate your employees, working towards optimal customer satisfaction and business performance. Data is at the heart of our solutions.


Our system is hardware independent and as such installed within minutes. We help preventing huge costs, while minimizing your efforts for implementation. We know how to, let us help you.

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